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Oxygen Therapy

How does it work? The oxygen concentrator is an electrically operated medical device that extracts air from the room, separates the oxygen from other gases present, and delivers oxygen to the patient, usually through a nasal cannula. Benefits to you -headache relief, increased clarity, boosts immune system, relieves nausea, can prevent heart failure in people with severe lung disease, and allows the bodies organs to carry out normal functions



Zyto Scan

Description Coming Soon.




Nutritional Evaluations

One of the doctors will provide you with a 10-page detailed nutritional questionnaire which can be taken home to fill out. Once filled out the doctor will determine which organ/system needs to be focused on to provide a individualized nutrition protocol for the patient.




Hormone/Stress Testing

Saliva tests are an accurate method of testing cycling hormones in  a patient. We provide testing kits for adrenal, estrogen, testerone, progesterone, cortisol levels and more based on the patient’s symptoms and concerns. The test will be sent to Diagnostech Laboratories to be evaluated and a detailed graph and explanation will be sent to the doctor to analysis and provide a individualized treatment plan for the patient.




Mineral Hair Analysis with interpretation

How does it work? A small hair sample is taken from the back of the head for the laboratory to analyze. A hair tissue mineral analysis can provide pertinent information about your metabolic rate, energy levels, sugar and carbohydrate tolerance, stage of stress, immune system and glandular activity. Test results are printed on an easy-to-read graph, unlike many of the other laboratories. This is a great benefit for both practitioners and their clients as well. The printed graph includes the mineral results, major mineral ratios and the oxidation type. This 15-20 page report is unique as it includes information related to your metabolic rate, energy levels, sugar and carbohydrate tolerance, immune system, autonomic balance, glandular activity and metabolic trends, a personal dietary supplement program, basic diet recommendations and other information that can be inferred from the test results. 




Standard Process Detoxification Program

Our 21-day purification program helps patients purify, nourish, and maintain a healthy body and weight. The dietary component of the purification program is designed to be a nutrient-dense diet with the added benefit of utilizing whole foods and whole food supplements to support detoxification. The ideal weight management system is not a quick fix but instead it is a long-term commitment.

Benefits to you -You can achieve weight loss by eliminating high-calorie, refined, nutrient-poor foods. The average weight loss is 9 lbs in a 21-day period. Women lose more in inches and men lose more in pounds.

Not recommended for Diabetic patients or vegans as some supplements contain animal products.




Aura Low Level Laser Treatment

Specific protocols are tailored to the individual needs of the patient. Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT) utilized to dramatically reduce musculoskeletal pain and inflammation as well as promote tissue repair in targeted areas. This is a cold laser, it is not a heat treatment and does not have any of the risks associated with other types of lasers. LLLT promotes tissue growth and healing. The therapy involves the application of red, green and far infrared lasers.  Laser and LED beams of light are used to stimulate the cells in the body that repair tissue, reduce inflammation and reduce pain. Benefits are vast and include: Laser light reduces swelling, leading to decreased pain, less stiffness, and a faster return to normal joint and muscle function, accelerates cellular reproduction and healing, stimulates fibroblast development and accelerates collagen synthesis in damaged tissue, reduces formation of scar tissue, leading to more complete healing, with less chance of weakness and re-injury later, increases blood flow to the injured area, speeds nerve cell processes, which may decrease pain and numbness associated with nerve-related conditions. The number of treatments can vary depending on the nature and severity of your ailment.  Most patients however see improvement in after the very first treatment.




Ionic Detoxification Foot Bath

This device generates a stream of positive and negative ions (charged atoms) which attract and attach themselves to oppositely charged toxins, such as heavy metals.  Through osmosis and diffusion these toxic particles are drawn out of the body through the pores of your feet to cleanse and detoxify the body.  The ions enter your body and begin to neutralize these tissue wastes.  Studies show after a foot bath treatment that an overall balancing effort occurs and the clients overall sense of well-being is improved.

Can not be performed if any of the following: Organ transplant, Pacemaker, Pregnant, children.

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